duminică, 6 decembrie 2009

Do you want 1 million dollars?

I got sick! Very sick! I caught the flue and now I feel horrible. Instead of enjoying  the day  of St Nicolas I have to stay inside and drink as much hot liquids as I can. 

Yesterday, in the eager of feeling better and getting out of the house we went to see a movie. The Box.

The idea of the movie is absolutely ingenious. What if one day, someone will come to you saying that if you press a certain button you will be given 1 million dollars, tax free?! But what's the catch? because there's definitely a catch. The consequences are the act that one person in this world, one that you've never seen before, will die. What do you chose? Probably you will chose the money, or probably you wont. Who knows what the answer will be? Do you know yourself that well in order to give yourself a sincere answer? Or how much do you 'know' the persons you think you 'know'?

I definitely won't chose the money, and not because I saw the movie but because you don't know who will die and because. It could be a mother, some one's son, a life savior or it could be a serial criminal. You can be responsible for the murder of a innocent person or of one who deserves this. But who are we to decide that?

On the other hand, how comforting are the words: "...don't worry, you don't know the person" when each person is 'unknown' to millions of others?

I know I won't chose the money also because I don't believe in easy earning money. No one gives you 1 million dollars 'that easy'. I would think that there's a more profound reason to this proposal. 

After the movie, we saw a concert of Paula Seling, a wonderful Christmas Carols singer and hanged around in the mall. Christmas was all over, starting with the carols and ending with the Christmas trees and the polar bears.

Poveste din Viflaim - Paula Seling




I will end my post with two more songs of Paula Seling that I love.

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