duminică, 6 decembrie 2009

Wedding foto album - take 4

Last but not least this is the forth set of photos that we made for the wedding album.

Before the wedding we had  photo sessions in different locations, by day and by night, and actually, this was the first in chronological order, but I decided to let it behind because I think it is the most elegant and awarded of all. My friends and family was astonished by these photos. We overcome ourselves and the photographer said it was his best till then, his masterpiece.

Inspired by the elegance, feminine silhouettes and male boldness of the 1940s we created our own love story.

The location is an art gallery, a very old and beautiful house that belonged to a rich family. The paining on the walls are all original, very old, and the furniture and the decorations are vintage, pieces of art and property of the museum.

I'll let you decide if these photos are truly amazing.












3 comentarii:

Andra spunea...

Sunt superbe toate pozele de la nunta,desi ne'ai aratat doar cateva..v'ati incadrat perfect in toate peisajele,de asemenea si'n personaje(peisajul v'a impus'o),,sunteti superbi impreuna si sunt sigura ca sunteti fooooooarte fericiti!! casa de piatra inca o data!va pupppp!

Anonim spunea...

cred k voiai sa zici 1920s ;)

Beau Bazar spunea...

Nu, nu! Vroiam sa zic chiar 1940's! Desi cred ca si o sesiune 1920 ar fi iesit foarte bine! Niste pene in par, un sireag de margele foarte lung si eventual un cigarette gen Coco Chanel... ;)