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Capri ... e poi mori...

Do you know the saying "Vedi Napoli e poi mori!" ? I would say "Vedi Capri e poi mori!" 
If Napoli is beautiful I consider Capri to be poetic and exceptionally amazing. By the end of this post you will tell me if I am right or wrong.

Our trip to Capri was nothing short of amazing. Italy’s most beautiful and chic island, Capri is a dramatic rugged mountain soaring out of the sea at the tip of the Sorrento peninsula. A haunt  for eccentric characters since antiquity (Roman Emperor Tiberius had his villa of pleasures, the villa Jovis), Capri has been the preferred retreat of artists, movie stars, and other VIP’s in modern times. 

The Ancient Romans especially loved this part of Capri and built panoramic residences in the area. In more recent times, the sunny southern coast of the island has been elected the favorite retreat of artists and writers from every corner of the globe, and it is here that a great number of Capri's most exclusive hotels and elegant private villas have been constructed. 

Giorgio Armani's House


Sophia Loren's House 

Marina Piccolla

This is the entry to the Grotta Azura. Because the sea was too angry to let us get in, I invite you to see the outstanding beauty of it. A magic no word or image could ever describe.

The Faraglioni are three immense, 80-100 meter high stacks, the impressive forms of which have been created by the erosive action of the wind and sea.It is said to be of great luck for lovers to kiss while passing through the middle Faraglione.


Capri extends east-west with its major town, Capri, on the eastern half, and its second town – Anacapri – on the higher western half. They are separated by the highest peak on the island, Monte Solaro. From the town of Capri you can descend to Marina Grande (the harbour with the ferry and hydrofoil docks) on the southern shore.

You can notice how the weather gets from sunny to rainy and then sunny and then rainy again in a matter of hours or even minutes. You never know how to get dressed in the morning and it's recommended to be cautious and wear sunnies but also an umbrella, just in case.

The picturesque town of Capri is the heart of life on the island, with extensive shopping as well as numerous hotels – many of them among the coast’s most glamorous – and a wide variety of restaurants and clubs. Social life radiates from the famous Piazzetta, a preferred spot for seeing and being seen. 



There is much that you can do here on foot by taking the old footpaths which were the only way to get around until very recently. They afford unique views and quiet. 

Have you noticed me? :)

In 1900 the German magnate Krupp financed a street for travel by foot that joined the Quisisana, where he lived, to the Marina Piccola. Built with admirable skill by the engineer Emilio Mayer, it has been called "the world's most beautiful road", thanks to the manner in which it hugs the rock and the appropriate use of local construction materials .

It proves "that even a road can be a work of art".

Beyond our imagination and hope that the weather will turn into anything but pouring rain, by the time we reached the top of the hill, God smiled at us and gave as the most stupendous sun. How surprising is that?!


Alla prossima!

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Capri it's like a little paradise!it's very beautiful and the pictures are amazing :*:*:*