miercuri, 28 ianuarie 2009


Sper sa castige ea!

marți, 27 ianuarie 2009

Improv Everywhere

Manifest, manipulare a maselor, distractie sau nebunie? De ce sa iti dai pantalonii jos si sa te plimbi prin metrou ca si cum nimic nu s-ar si intamplat? Si daca te intreaba cineva ce e cu tine sa ii raspunzi 'Oh, nici nu mi-am dat seama! Am uitat sa imi pun pantalonii de dimineatza!' :)). De ce? Pentru ca...

Acum povestea:

On Saturday, January 10th, 2009 nearly 2,500 people took off their pants on subways in 22 cities around the world. In New York’s 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride had over 1,200 participants, spread out over four subway lines.


1) Willing to take pants off on subway
2) Able to keep a straight face about it


All started in 2002.

The first ride included 7 participants, all male. One participant entered the train pantless for 7 consecutive stops. They pretended not to notice each other, and if asked claimed that they “just forgot” their pants.

The second No Pants had around 30 participants, including a few women. A few people played characters for the first time– businessmen, tourists, etc. The conductor noticed what was going on and shouted over the PA, “This train is not a playground.”

The fifth annual No Pants ride was abruptly halted by a cop. All passengers, including those not participating, were forced to exit the train as it was taken out of service. 8 people were handcuffed in their underwear and taken into custody. A month later a judge dismissed all of the charges. It is not illegal to wear your underwear in public in New York City.

The sixth annual No Pants went off without a hitch. 300 people participated on what was a particularly mild January day. Three police officers showed up at our meeting point, but they informed us they were only there to make sure everyone had a good time. People of all colors, shapes, sizes, and ages came out that year.

marți, 20 ianuarie 2009

Recunoasteti personajul?

Cine sa fie, cine sa fie? Au avut loc niste modificari esentiale de-a lungul timpului dar este incontestabil ea!

sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009

It's a red-letter day!

Color in Religious Symbolism
* Red: Symbol of fire and blood; signifies charity

Color in Heraldry
* Red: Bravery and courage

* Spring is pink and green
* Summer is yellow and blue
* Autumn is orange and brown
* Winter is red and black

* December is red. Its birthstone is the Turquoise which signfies prosperity

Hidden Meanings
Because red is the color of blood, it is associated with strength, health, and passion. For example, we admire rosy cheeks. Then there is the "Scarlet Letter" signifying a fallen and sinful woman; the red dress is also associated with the "ladies of the night."

In human color psychology, red is associated with heat, energy and blood, and emotions that "stir the blood", including anger, passion, and love.

marți, 13 ianuarie 2009

What so happy about?!

Hey 2009! La multi aaaaaaani!

Mi se pare ca a trecut atat de mult timp de cand 2009 si-a deschis portile spre incertitudine si speranta incat parca nu mai are nici un farmec acest La multi ani. Cu toate acestea sunt primele cuvinte care imi vin in minte atunci cand ma intalnesc cu persoane pe care nu le-am vazut de anu' trecut.

Sa speram ca o sa fie un an bun, cu belsug si realizari. Se pare ca va fi insa un an in care vom muncii pe branci. Deci nu va fi asa roz bonbon cum ne-ar placea noua. Sa speram insa ca vom culege si roadele.... mai devreme sau mai tarziu.

Scriu randurile astea si parca nu scriu nimic. Nici nu stiu ce sa mai scriu....

De cateva zile incoace sunt obsedata de melodia asta. Ma bine dispune. Mi-am amintit de ea si nu ma pot satura sa o tot ascult. Enjoy!