duminică, 3 octombrie 2010

Bridal: MLH & Charm de Paris

On your wedding day, you must look perfect! More beautiful and brighter than ever! Maria Lucia Hohan wedding dresses and Charm de Paris jewelery would make you look divine on such a special day.

Wedding dresses of silk muslin, Duchesse satin, tulle and white, light pink, nude beige, silver gray and cream Spanish lace and Swarovski jewelery made with love. What else to wish for your wedding?! 

It's almost a year now since the wedding. We are celebrating our first year of marriage in a few days now, and because Claudia is keeping me very informed and with her preparations I can't help but live the joy through her experiences.

Giving her advise and going through thousands of websites and brides pictures, dresses, jewels, decorations and make-up, I could not help but fall in love with Maria Lucia Hohan Wedding Dresses.

Charm de Paris - La Voilette is a collection of bridal jewels and accessories especially made for modern, romantic, beautiful brides.

2 comentarii:

Just me spunea...

this combination is very romantic and also very chic ;)i love it!. do you know which is the most biggest wish of the moment?:D....i wish that all brides wear jewelery Charm de Paris ! do you think it's very hard? it's not. with your talent and your passion you will get to make many women feel special on their wedding day. kisses

Beau Bazar spunea...

Thanks darling! That's my wish too! Let's make it happen! :))