sâmbătă, 26 decembrie 2009

Bow Fetish

Many choose to wear bow-ties because they instantly increase the sexual appeal of the wearer by 16%. Women have been known to cross speeding traffic for a man in a well-knotted bow-tie. This attraction can be parlayed into more subtle outlets, such as making a person generally cooler and/or more charming. Also, as if by magic, some bow-ties have the ability to make a man incredibly humorous.

One of the lesser-known facts about bow-ties is that in addition to their use as a sexual stimulant, bow-ties can also be used to increase the intelligence of wearers by between 19-24%. This usage is not instant however, and requires a great deal of cultivation and fine tuning. Though when this processing is successful, the increase in mental capacity is recognizable.
Bows or ribbons as well as bow-ties are very appealing and sexy. I love bows because they are cute, feminine and can spice-up an outfit, draw attention and increase the level of confidence whenever it gets down. 










photo source: victoriassecret.com; lasenza.com; womensecret.com

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