joi, 24 decembrie 2009

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year! I admit that I have sometimes lied and missed work without any important reason but I always say thank you, which makes me seem like I care, and so I deserve lots of presents this year!

Beside health, happiness, professional accomplishments and financial stability, I really really want some other things for you to put under the Christmas tree. I made a small list!

I promise to be at least as good as I was this year!

Thanks Santa!

1. Christian Dior Perfumes– Poison
2. Kitten goes to paris - shimmering powder
3. Wigo Pink Zebra Hair Dryer
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede boots
5. Zara Home - White - Pippa Vase
6. Vera Bradley Notebook

This is the letter I got back from Santa :)

Un comentariu:

Anonim spunea...

Foarte tare ideea cu scrisoarea pentru Mosu'. Si sigur esti printre putinii norocosi care au si primit raspuns 8-> oricum,sper ca ai avut parte de un mos bogat,si ca toate cadourile care le-ai vrut au fost bifate si le-ai gasit sub brad;;)

P.S.: Pur Poison imi place si mie de la Dior :x
P.S.2 : La multi ani pentru noul an! >:D<