marți, 22 decembrie 2009

Winter Wondeland - Snowflakes' Dance

You can notice how happy I was, playing in the snow! I'm in love with snowflakes! I am hypnotized by their coming down, just lightly floating through the cold chilly air, like slow motion. I like to stare for long at their dance on the music of the wind. Then, I close my eyes and just wait for their landing on my face and in my open palms. It's so awesome, so beautiful, so white, so perfect!

Snowflake's Story

Once upon a time in the land of Spirit,
A raindrop splashed happily in its puddle.
And suddenly it heard the call of the Spirit-wind.
"Come, come with me. I want to transform you.
I want to take you on a journey that will change you."
And the raindrop splashed and laughed and continued to play.

"I am fine here. I do not wish to go."
But the Spirit-wind persisted.
"Come, let go of your comfort.
Come with me and I will change you."

The drop was transformed uniquely and beautifully,
and it began to fall gently toward the ground.
It swirled and floated
and finally landed upon the face of a child,
who squealed in delight,
"Oooh, a snowflake."
And the Spirit-wind whispered,
"You have become who you are meant to be."



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