luni, 25 mai 2009

La Vie Boheme by DVF

I know that summer is running towards us, but spring has still so much to give us. I have chosen the Spring Collection of Diane von Furstenberg, which is one of my favorites this season and I am totaly in love with the floral beads.

Diane von Furstenberg called her show "Rock Goddess", but according to collection review and I totaly agree, "Flower Child" or '' La Vie Boheme'' might have been a more apt title for this breezy Spring collection.

The models wore silk flowers and feathers strung from leather cords in their loose hair, and there were all manner of sixties standbys, from plissé wrap gowns and short tunics to a Saint Laurent safari dress and ribbed knits worn with denim flares. Everything was boldly colored, splashed with lush prints (often more than one in a single outfit), or trimmed in crystals and beads.


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