vineri, 1 mai 2009

Day / Night

Two outfits based on the same item: pink full lace skirt (Dorothy Perkins).

By Day, the outfit is pretty simple and confortable, easy to put together in order to take a walk in the city, go shopping or visit grandma. The black and wite stripes blouse is ment to highlight the color of the skirt and it's bohemian style, and the flat roman sandals are completing the outfit. I love the Owl Hook earings from forever21 and the Dior oversized sunglasses.

By Night, the outfit is more polished and sophisticated, perfect for a night out, in a small and chic restaurant, for a date or a stylish party. I love the top; it's my kind of top and I would wear it in so many different combinations. Accesories are simple and few, and the perfume is absolutely a must!

''When you don't know what to wear, put some perfume and a smile and you will look magnificent''

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