sâmbătă, 9 mai 2009

Cu capu'n nori si cu ochii'n soare

Head in the clouds and eyes on the sun!

Today was the most wonderful day of this year since it's bigining. It was pretty hot and of course we couldn't stay inside. A walk in the park, an icecream with friends, a cold lemonade and a concert in town were the main activities today.

We took a walk downtown and in the main square and admired one more time the beauties out city reveals to the eyes. I love summer! I love to take long walks in the city and discover places or things a didn't before. Today, as I couldn't take my eyes from the most beautiful sky, I realized that I almost forgot that this city has so many great buildings. I like the old center and the narrow streets, small balconies and flowers at the windows. I promised myself to look more to the sky!

I Always wanted to see inside these buildings. Who is living there, how big and interesting are the apartments, how are the streets seen from these balconies, are questions that still haunt my mind.

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