joi, 21 mai 2009

Icons: Then and Now

'Icon' is someone or something that embodies the essential characteristics of an era, group, weather that person or thing is still among us, or became legendary. The 'icon' inspires people in lifestyle, fashion, arts or cinema, sport, politics or science.

Then: Carolina Herrera looks chic in a classic black-and-white combo.
Now: Jil Sander keeps the look alive with a lower waistband and jacket. Cute dog not included.

Then: Brook Shields as the girl next door in a shirt reading "Trouble"
Now: Marc Jacobs' girl next door, who gets to the point and skips the pants.

Then: Brigitte Bardot smothered the scene in the 60s with her sexy, roll-in-the-hay look.
Now: Lara Stone, with those same bedroom eyes and funky teeth, has been making a splash on French Vogue pages with her sexy editorials.

Then: Jane Fonda is the perfect 60's sex symbol with her large shining curls and pillow lips.
Now: At Gucci, the look returned, but with a stronger red lip.

Then: Maria Callas shows the people how eye makeup is done, long before Amy Winehouse.
Now: The new diva eye is slick, cool and modern.


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