marți, 10 noiembrie 2009

Honeymoon Lookbook

When you go on vacation: do take the whole wardrobe with you or do you limit to a few pieces?

This is how I do it: Whenever I go on vacation I pack stuff that I am sure it's comfortable, easy to wear, easy to carry and loads of fun. When your luggage is the space you must pack as much as your wardrobe and you are aware of the fact that YOU will be the one carrying it, although you need a variety of outfits for all the places you’ll go, my advise is to limit to a few essential items.

Lay it out on the floor so that you can see everything or try them on in order to make sure you don't skip any key piece.

For our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, where the weather is around 35 degrees Celsius with a pretty humid air, I could not pack otherwise. Beside the bathing suit and flip-flops I took the colorful fluid clothes that were according to the place, weather and activities.

A for the few days we spent in Madrid, on our way back, most of the clothes that I packed were suitable, as well.

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