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Paradise we left behind - long and uncensored

Ok! What should I start with? This 2-weeks-vacation started long time ago. It took a while to organize everything, it took last minute decisions, last minute changes but now, looking back it was great! It required skills and determination (which I definitely have :P) to make it that great.

Now, that clothes are in the washing machine, summer lotion in the bathroom cabinet and honeymoon photos downloaded I am ready to draw some lines and look back with both happiness and gloom.

You already know from a quick post that we had a stopover in Madrid and a day and night to prepare for the 8 hours flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Yes! This long it takes to get to the Dominican Republic, more specific to the wonderful beaches of Punta Cana. (As we discovered later the name comes from a palm tree called Cana. And this point (punta) is the only part of the island where it grows.)

The flight over the Atlantic exhausting! Not as much for the time we had to stay in that not-the-most-comfortable chair for that long but for the unfinished and excruciating crying of 2 children. I would definitely ban children on airplanes!!

Thousands of miles later we landed on Punta Cana Airport. A hot and wet summer air punched us in the face as we got out of the plane and walked (yes! walked!) from the airplane to the check-in point. Music and dancers approached us as we entered and dressed-up girls for taking photos. It looked promising! 30 minutes later we were on the bus, on the way to the resort. Very well organized and very quick!

Around 10 in the evening, local time, we entered our room, which was decorated especially for us, honeymooners. After some minutes of great excitement and a long hot shower we fall in the most wonderful dreams.

The morning after, we could not realize how far from home we were and what wonders we were about to discover the next days.

The resort was amazing, large restaurant, all inclusive food and drink, very nice and friendly stuff, private beach, huge swimming pools, lunch buffet on the beach - better than expected!

"Bavaro Splash" was the first excursion we went on. It was absolutely amazing. We got to drive our own speed boat in an amazing race, for almost an hour to the snorkeling point, to see the reef and exotic fish. Unfortunately no photos because of the boats race and the splashing water. But you can see the enthusiasm on our faces in the "after" photo.


(natural air conditioning)


Next on the schedule: parasailing!!!!
Destination: up! up! up!

(ready, steady, gooo!)

Party on the beach: merengue, bachata, reggaeton...
Dominican Republic is well-known all over the world for merengue dance and music. Dominicans go crazy for their national dance and whenever they hear music, start dancing. Or whenever they hear music, start singing! And believe me, it is the most contagious thing!

The next day, we went in a one day trip on the sea with incursion in the La Altagracia and La Romana regions. One entire day discovering the Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea, the culture and real life of the locals.

We got to see the famous Higuey Basilica.

The Basilica Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia, also known as Higuey Basilica, in the Dominican Republic, is more than a religious temple. Because of its unique, avant-garde construction, it is one of the most important architectural works in this predominately Catholic nation.

The Higuey Basilica represents the holy place of the spiritual mother of the Dominicans, Our Lady Of Altagracia. Thousands visit the site on Altagracia Day, (January 21) each year to celebrate the Sabana Battle, a Dominican victory over the French on January 21, 1691. In honor of the battle, the Higuey Basilica was officially inaugurated on January 21, 1971.

(The Dominican Republic is 95.2% Christian, including 88.6% Roman Catholic and 4.2% Protestant)

Then, we took the boat and sailed to the area where the Atlantic Ocean embraces the Caribbean Sea. The water has the most incredible blue-green color I have ever seen.

Then, we swimmed with the 'estrellas marinas' (sea stars) in the natural swimming pool, which we were not allowed to take out of the water for more than 3 seconds. They die quickly.

Another stopover of our trip was the 'sand banks'. A place in the middle of the ocean, where the water measures around 50-70 cm. It is incredible how you can walk in the middle of the ocean. You can see the edge of the sand bank and the contrast of water depth.

On our way back to the big boat, lunch was ready! Yummy! Lobsters for the guests!

After lunch and a short siesta, lets make some movement! Meregueeeee!!! (Not at all intimidated by the tropical rain that was about to come)

At sunset, we arrived to the Chavon River, the movie set for Rambo 2, Apocalisys Now and Jurassic Park. And by the time we switched boats and start sailing through the river, with jungle forest on one side and mangrove forest on the other, the rain started to introduce us more to the atmosphere of those movies.

(he could not decide whether to take the boat on the bike, or the bike on the boat. He made a wise decision :))

(my Dominican friend, Rosa, saying good-bye and goofing around)

(we left The Princess and had a little walk in jungle till the bus)

(Ron Brugal - the Dominican pride)

(a short passing through the city. Motorbikes are the main attraction of the locals)

(Never seen as many as in the Dominican Republic)

(other Dominican pride)

(back to our resort)

(dance contest)

(Latins are not shy at all. God! How they can move those hips...)

(Mexican dinner)

(little creatures from the ocean)

(the last supper :D)

This was pretty much it! We had the time of our lives! Punta Cana will always have a special place in our hearts!

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Miha spunea...

Speachless.....pur si simplu superb :). Si apropo casa de piatra ca nu am apucat sa va urez :P.

Anonim spunea...

mmmm...ce pofta de vacanta mi-ai facut! Dar ca a voastra...sigur nu o sa mai fie alta! Mi-a placut tare mult summary-ul cat si pozele. Numai bine!