marți, 17 noiembrie 2009

Happiness is only real when shared

"Happiness is only real when shared" were the last words he wrote on that small piece of paper. Too small to cover the wisdom and greatness of the words.

I started my post with these words because yesterday we saw "Into the Wild", one of the best movies I have seen lately, screenwriting and directed by Sean Penn, after a true story. It is the story of Christopher McCandless, a 24-year-old Virginian and Emory graduate.

Shortly after graduation, Chris, a young man with a very promising future ahead, gives his life savings to charity, burns all of his identification, and he wanders out into the wild searching for adventure. Citing passages from his heroes, Thoreau and Jack London, he is determined to escape society and get back to nature. He blows from town to town like a tumbleweed, hopping trains, camping with aging hippies, working briefly with a farmer, and befriending a widowed leather worker .

What I liked most about this movie is the jurney. His eagerness to go into the wild, to live his life far from human prejudice and ipocrisy, free in the nature, reading meditating and the living life in all its beauty.

His jurney is incredible, the people he met on his way to Alaska were wonderful and his experiences he encounterd were ment to change his mind, but no one could alter his wish. The jurney is actualy impersonating his new life: BIRTH - when he decides to become Alexander Supertramp, ADOLESCENCE when he works in Texas, MANHOOD when he experiences Mexico, and so on....

It is a great movie about
friendship, love, growing up, self-awareness and adventure.

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