vineri, 24 aprilie 2009

10 rules of style

Sonia Rykiel, a great fashion designer, icon and role model to young designers and women all over the world, has been crowned the “Queen of Knits” and named “Coco Rykiel” by the American press.

Asked in an interview if her dream when she was very young was to be a fashion designer, she replyed: '' Never! --my only ambition was to have 10 children. I knew nothing about fashion, it was an accident. I married a man who was in fashion. I began to work when my daughter Nathalie was about eight or 10 years old. Then one day I began to make a sweater, and eventually the sweater was on the front page of Elle magazine. And the day after I was the queen of knit in America.''

She recently shared her '10 rules of style' in Elle Magazine

1. know yourself
"what counts is how you look at yourself ~ what you should show and what you should hide. You have to spend time in front of a mirror. Very few women pay attention to that."

2. use your head
"my style corresponds to the image i have of the left bank woman who pays attention to what's going on in the streets, in politics, in the world. clothing is also something that happens in your head."

3. remember the power of black
"black is a magnificent color ~ it gives you an outline like a pencil stroke."

4. add a little sparkle
"i love accessories ~ bags, shoes, brooches, necklaces. i even like to have a crystal comb or a flower in my hair. if you're wearing a little black dress, a sparkling detail adds a simple and pretty touch."

5. have a fail-safe outfit
"it's important to have an outfit that always works for you ~ one that you know looks good when you are in a rush."

6. learn the art of packing
"i always travel with lots of long jackets, in black, brown, or navy blue, and matching trousers. then i mix and match the jackets and the trousers."

7. let your feet do the talking
"i love eccentric, quirky shoes with colors and very high heels that are gilded or extravagantly embellished with crystals. A pretty foot underlines a look. It's a way of defining a style."

8. dress for yourself
"Of course fashion is important, but i think the way you live counts for more. A woman should be herself and dress according to who she is."

9. seduce with your style
"It's very natural to be sexy, to be seductive ~ it's a way of being. you can do much by paying careful attention to your clothes, by knowing a length or a certain color that suits you."

10. ignore other people's advice
"You shouldn't ask for other people's advice, and certainly not your partner's. It's useless. You need to know yourself ~ that's enough."

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