marți, 28 aprilie 2009

Long vs. Short

Some women are uncertain whether they look best in long or short hair.

One of the major factors that help a woman to determine whether her hair looks best short or long is the shape of her face. A woman with a round face will need to carefully consider short hair. In this case, if the woman really wants short hair, it will need to be cut in a fashion that comes away from her face.

Oval faces look good with any hairstyle. Women with an oval face can usually wear whatever length they like. They do not have to worry about any particular style making their faces look too round, or too square. It is an ideal face type for any hairstyle desired.

Another determining factor in the short/long debate is type of hair. Women with thick hair will usually want to stick with short to medium lengths, simply because the weight of their hair may cause headaches as it gets longer.

Women with thin, fine hair may go with longer hair, simply because they need a longer style to create the illusion of fullness. Short styles may be fine for thin hair, but a woman needs to be careful that her style does not require a great deal of styling work, since this will stress her hair, and could cause damage if she has to use harsh styling products.

There are some celebrity hairstyles. I like long hair better but I have to admit that Keira or Natalie look realy great with short hair.

Which one do you think is better? Long or short. Green I like.

Keira Knightley: long / short

Sienna Miller: long / short

Natalie Portman: long / short

Drew Barrymore: long / short

Victoria Beckham: long / short

Michelle Williams: long / short

Halle Berry: long / short

Reese Witherspoon: long / short

Katie Holmes: long / short

Gwenyth Paltrow: long / short

Rihanna: long / short

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