miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

Yes! It's the most wonderful time of the year...!!

Hei hei hei! How are you??!! How was the winter holiday and Christmas and the New year's eve? I had the most wonderful time! First of all we went home and spent Christmas with our friends and family! Then we drove around 500 km to spent the most wonderful week including new year's eve. I will tell you more about the new year party in another post.

Christmas, like always, is the happiest time of the year, when we all gather in our parents' house and spend the Christmas dinner with carols, the christmas tree, hot wine and cinnamon, delicious food cooked by mom and grandma and then having fun all night in the club.

Usually, the next day, we wake up at noon, open the presents Santa left us under the tree, have friends over and pay visits to more friends. This year was no exception!









I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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aandraa spunea...

ai avut un brad cel putin frumos!!:))e minunat! i love it!!!

Beau Bazar spunea...

adica superb, nu? :)))