luni, 18 ianuarie 2010

Have a lovely day!

And now the story that is about to put a smile on your face:

Once upon a time, in the Big Village there was a man and his wife. The beautiful wife was obsessed with tidiness and cleaning of the house. Her husband was also known as the "man with a cat-hat". Why? Because he was wearing one.

Whenever the wife wanted to chat with her friend she took her lovely red horse and ride for miles to have a cup of tea, gossip around for a little bit and do some magic. That day, they read in the crystal ball, and guess what they have seen?! That something important was about to happen.


In the meantime, the husband, did not wasted time. He was busy catching little mob bastards. But that time he was about to catch a big one. He called his officers and told them: "I smell a rat! I think it's big! Let's catch the bastard!"

The Little Dear Killer said: "Boss, is he riding the red horse again?"
He replied: "Are you talking to me?"

"Are you talking to me?" 
"Yes! Yes!" replied the dear.


But actually, the big mob rat was not ridding a red horse like the last time they almost got him! But a white one! More powerful!

After hiking and biking, and forcing the horsing the bastard was caught and sent behind bars and sentenced to everyday housewifing .

Have a lovely day !!

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