vineri, 8 ianuarie 2010

Le Reveillon

The story begins 2 days earlier. We arrived to Satu Mare in the evening after a long way, a cafe au lait and a 3 hours poring rain. When we entered the big wonderful house of Anca and Claudiu, the smell of hot wine and cinnamon punched us straight in the face. We arrived just in time! Andra and Andrei, the kids, started running and jumping around, showing us how happy they were of our arrival on one hand, and eager to show us who is the master of the house on the other. They are adorable and very noisy (which in this situation was actually funny)! 

Andrei and Dad cooked dinner for the guests witch were not few, and very hungry. After a long talk, funny stories and hot wine we were ready to throw a party. Which we did! We had to get in shape for the New Year party.


The next day was pretty short. We woke up at noon, dizzy from last night, but enthusiastic for the night to come. A strong coffee definitely woke us up and put us in the mood to start a bigger party. The New Year's Eve Party!

Arriving on the red carpet, like celebrities.

(Remember the 'something red for the New Year's Eve party' ? The red mango coat was my red spot!)

The start was pretty timid.



... and then, the party begun! Unleash the party animals! 




By the time  we heated up the dancefloor, the countdown started! 10, 9, 8, ... 3,2,1... HAAAAAAAPPY NEW YEAR!



... and the party went on till morning. We partied like it was our f***ing job!





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