luni, 9 martie 2009

Monday Rush

Oh, again Monday! Such a fine weather today. It seams that the weather is a HE. Yesterday, on Mother's Day it was raining all day long and cold and autumnal mood; but that didn't stop us, girls, to have such a great time on Saturday and Sunday.

It was a girls' night out with a lot of boys :). We all dressed up, looking prettier than usual, and got together to this party in The Note Club; and suddenly we've noticed that The Note is no longer The Note but CCCP. Since when? Did they switched locations, or what da... ?!

When I was a student, 100 years ago :)), CCCP was my and my girls' favourite club. So, it was like a glance in the past. Obviously, it wasn't the same, but at least we had a great time. Not to mention the barmen stripping.... :))) And how should I put it?! Let's say they are not in the best shape, they look nothing like the Chip'an'dales guys, but it was all about the attitude. They were so into it and they did a great job! So funny....

Yesterday, I thought that it would be nice to get some tan! Artificialy! And guess what!? Sometimes my enthusiasm goes over the edge. I'll just say that last night and still now, I would make any tomato look pale. I never learn my lesson!

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