luni, 23 martie 2009

Happy Happy Happy!

We are going to Barcelona! He and I, crazy and beautiful, for 5 wonderful and warm days to visit, relax, go shopping and enjoy the Spanish goodies!

Weather - check! (perfect sunny days almost 20 degrees Celsius)
City Guide - check! (I am still waiting for my guide at Carturesti)
Baggage - still to make tonight (not to do at the last moment)

Things I absolutely have to take:
* Sunglasses
* Confy shoes
* Flats / flip flops (remember last year's trip to Athens in March - sooooo hot)
* Pack less clothes and more money (I am planning on going shopping too ;)
* Tones of good mood and enthusiasm
* (added as a tip from a friend) - Forget we speak Romanian once we land - check! :)))

I'll come back next week with 'the after story' !
Stay tuned!

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