marți, 31 august 2010

Claudia & Petre 's Engagement

You already know Claudia and Petre from previous posts. They are getting married on the 4th of September, and Liviu and I, we are their godparents. On one hand this is huge responsibility for us but on the other hand, we are so very proud and happy for them.  As I am pretty late with my posts, due to a series of personal problems, I forgot to tell you about their engagement. Well, it happened last week and family and friends joined them for this special event in their life as a couple and a future family.

Claudia wore a romantic dress and hair flower by Charm de Paris, custom made especially for this occasion from the same fabric as the dress and I wore my new silk dress with a Charm de Paris flower at my right ankle, from the same fabric as the dress, as well.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Claudia and Petre were a little overwhelmed by the importance of this event but looked absolutely great and you can read happiness on their faces. (Never mind the grumpy faces! It was all fault of the shiny shiny sun and the extremely hot temperatures)

Now, that they are legally married, we are looking forward to the wedding and great party on the 4th of September!

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Just me spunea...

thank you for your post! we are also very proud that you and Liviu are our godparents. For us the both of you are an very good example.
i cant wait the wedding and i hope that everything will be ok. kiss!