sâmbătă, 14 august 2010

O, Sole mio!

God, it's hot! Last week the weather was extremely hot. The thermometer went crazy and everyday we were literally boiling. I would have worn only my swimsuit, but since this was not possible I had to make some compromise and dig the closet for the most airy and easy to wear clothes I own.

I love this skirt! It's so summer cool and I love how it emphasize the fifties big-skirted silhouette from Guci's Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. I am aware that it's from 2 years ago, but you know how sometimes you just can't get over a collection or one item because it's so timeless and passing through trends and seasons. I bought my skirt exactly after seeing this glamorous and ladylike collection on style.com and it still is one of my favorites, like all the other pieces from the collection that I craved for.

foto source: style.com

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