sâmbătă, 21 august 2010

Got Carried Away

After seeing Sex and the city again last week I got a lot of inspirational outfits from the girls. Today I got carried away with this outfit! Inspired by Carrie, the day she had a small fight with Big and decided to spend a while in her old apartment, this combo of pleated skirt and long blouse got me head over heels and love it since.

Carrie Bradshaw has amazing style. But her style is not just about pretty clothes and good accessorizing, its so much more. Its about fun. Its about freedom. Its about dressing to make yourself happy and not giving a fuck what other people think. But about pretty clothes and good accessorizing too.

Carrie dresses with her moods, emotions and feelings. When she's sad, it'll be a long coat and muted colors, when she's happy it'll be bright simple dresses with big smiles.
I love her style!

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