luni, 21 iunie 2010

Exploring Arad

It was a wonderful weekend! A girls' day out on Saturday with shopping and ice cream and a very nice trip to Arad on Sunday. I must confess that I was in Arad just a couple of times before, but not once as much time to explore it and discover its true beauty. A walk in the central park, a photo session, a finger licking dinner at a very nice restaurant by the river, a concert and a walk at sunset changed my entire perspective on this city. And I am more than sure that all of you guys that live in Arad will say I saw only the smallest part. So, please, let me know what I should go looking for the next time, as we all agreed this experience must be absolutely repeated.

This weekend I learnt that ...
... Albert Einstein theory of relativity is soooo right
... A couple of hours can fly like five minutes when you do things you love
... You can make a lot of friends when photo shooting in a park
... German sounds better when singing
... Blue hair flowers can draw massive attention
... The same can do a Canon 450D and a beautiful b(l)ond girl 

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