joi, 29 iulie 2010

Chic cold summer days


I know we are already in the middle of July, but an unexpected wave of cold weather almost killed our urge to go splash into cold blue water. Now, I can't help but think about nice autumn clothes, knee long ladylike trenches and long warm scarves. 

Right now, the only good thing is that I can wear my new striped black-and-white custom made blazer that I absolutely adore! How chic is that?!

Flirty, feminine and fun, fashion has always been in love with stripes and polka dots so  this fall get ready to fall head over heels for Parisienne glamour with the perfect dose of ladylike cool.  Celebrities and designers also have a huge crush on striped blazers. From Liv Tyler to Kim Kardashian, they were spotted at least once wearing the magic blazer. Not to mention the numerous designers that striped up their collections.

How do you like wearing your blazer? May it be striped or not... Do you match it with a cute skirt for a chic look? Wear it fitted for a smart casual look? Or just wear it with your favourite t-shirt for a funky look? I think it's best combined is with a pair of sassy jeans and a lot of attitude. 

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Just me spunea...

dear,u are absolutely gorgeous and your blazer is very chic!kiss