marți, 20 iulie 2010

I'm back!

These past 2 weeks have been extremely busy and exhausting. I had no time for blogging, no time for following my favorite blogs and no time to check out style magazines. "Work" and "extreme temperature" was the word on everyone's lips. Today I am back. I am back with positive energy after a wonderful weekend and I am ready to hit it!

As I promised, I will try to keep the track of important details about this past two weeks. The most important one is the fact that I got to see my old friend Sorina, from So_Sweet_Sori, also known as Matzette :). She is living in Italy since a couple of years and I cannot express how much I miss spending long afternoons with her, chating  over caffee-au-lait in cold winters and cold lemonade on hot summer days in our favorite caffee shops in Timisoara.

Then, there would be the wonderul weekends, away from the big city... I will let the pictures speak for themselves, as there's not much to say but fun, fun, fun.

This past 2 weeks and weekends I learnt that... friends are forever, despite distance and time
...I just love laying in the sun
...being lazy all weekend is absolutely fine
...fighting mosquitoes at sunset, near a lake, can be really tough
...goulash soup is way too spicy for my taste is a lot more simple than we think. Just take it as it is.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

2 comentarii:

Just me spunea...

welcome back!:P i hope that you will have more time for blogging, because i like reading your posts. kiss u!have a sunny day!

Sorinelu' spunea...

Pupiii Matzette!!!