luni, 12 octombrie 2009

Day by day

It's been a very busy week, but it is finally over. This was pretty much my week. Going from meetings to quick lunches, running from the office to have a lovely brunch with my lovely husband, celebrating friend's birthday, trying new outfits at Zara, getting silly in front of the camera before taking all clothes off and going to sleep.

In images, this was it:

Business meetings...

Lunch in a hurry while discussing and arranging something over the phone...

The evening escapade after a long day in the office...

Quick brunch and favorite cinnamon caffe-au-lait.

... stealing from husband's carrot-cake (... because "The grass is always greener on the other side" ;))

Fresh new morning (Quick shot before leaving for work)

Going to my best friend's birthday party. Surprise-surprise! She had no idea about the secret party we arranged for her.

Trying a new business style at Zara. (I love ruffled shirts and high-waisted pants. So elegant and business-lady-like)

Getting silly in front of the camera and playing the ultimate fashionista before going to bed.

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