marți, 20 octombrie 2009

Honeymoon - quick notes

Hi everyone! We are in Madrid now! Just a quick stop for one day! We'll come back next week for more!

As expected everything is great! The weather is as good as it could be (20 something degrees, just perfect to go for long walks and explore the city), the people are very nice (but we already know that from Barcelona), the food is delicious, the hotel we are staying in is very nice and stylish! There is even a relaxation room, a wii room and a hy-tech room (the one I am posting right now ;)

But that's it for now! Tomorrow we take off again, destination Paradise Beach!

If I´ll have the chance I´ll post updates! ;) Stay tuned!

Until then, take care and have a wonderful week! I am sure I will!


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starbags spunea...

Hello! uuuaauuuu, Madrid...luna de miere...foarte frumos..mai ales ca si eu imi doresc sa merg in Spania.