luni, 3 mai 2010

Things I learnt this weekend

It's officially spring and boy, am I excited!
The 1st of may was wonderful! We went to a lovely place near Timisoara and had a great time outside with friends and pets. :)

This weekend I learnt that...

... it's wonderful to spend a whole day outside
... food tastes better around nature
... a cloudy sky in the morning can turn into a shiny one at noon

... therabbit called Winnie belongs to a species created 2 years ago
... countryside mosquitos are upgraded to bite harder can still get very sunburnt on a gloomy, cloudy day rushes by way too fast not to take a camera everywhere you go



Yesterday, I got to wear  my sweet Mademoiselle T-shirt. Unfortunately, it was a little chilly in the evening and I wore it with my favorite Mango cardigan. 

To add some fun, I accessorized with my funky glasses. 

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