luni, 24 mai 2010

Spring, where have you gone?

Can you imagine this is an ordinary friday of May almost June? Well it is! This is how the end of May looks like nowadays. I remember this time last year I was wearing flip-flops and shorts and, last week I wore nothing but worm clothes, boots and scarfs!

Evidently May has decided to switch places with March.  Our beautiful April has been booted out by a rather cranky May, leaving us with cool windy days with sprinkles of rain.

A quick peek from last May...

2 comentarii:

Irina spunea...

Salut! Mi se pare mie sau tu realizezi bijuteriile Charm de Paris...sunt extraordinare imi plac la nebunie... Felicitari!!!!

Beau Bazar spunea...

Shhhhhhh! :P

:))) Da, Irina! Eu le fac! Mersi! Ma bucur ca iti plac! :*