luni, 17 mai 2010

Last night a Dj saved my life

On Saturday night we was invited to my cousin's birthday party. I decided it was just the right occasion to wear my new mini black tight skirt. I wanted to pair it with the silky blouse and this belt that I had to wear a little low-wasted because it kept moving way to high on the silk. I am also wearing the huge pearl ring, a present from my aunt in Israel.

You know I go pretty comfortable and casual with my clothes and I don't have many outfits for clubbing, or too elegant dresses. I think this skirt is appropriate for so many occasions if it's worn well. And by the way it seams to be the next IT item. Take a look at how fashion bloggers wear the mini tight skirt.

 Keiko worn this skirt the same day I wore mine.

 Andy wore it for Paris Fashion Week.

C'est Gleek wore it for a party.

The girls from Peeptoes

 Serenity wore these skirts at work.

3 comentarii:

miha, skinny buddha spunea...

darling you look fabulous! and that ring... OMG.. I want it, NOW!

Beau Bazar spunea...

Thanks honey! Sweet as always!

Eli spunea...

I think you look fantastic!