sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010

Sunshine Award

Hello! So happy to rejoin you! You have probably noticed my lack of posting lately. Well, I had a well grounded reason. leaving in great rush and paking for a week vacation left me no time to post even a "Happy Easter!" wish. 

After no internet access and a thousand things to discover and explore, I found myself a week later in front of my unopened e-mail inbox with around 70 unread messages. The nicest one was from my sweet and beloved friend Miha from mihatheskinnybuddha, letting me know she is giving me a blog reward. It's my first ever award so imagine my enthusiasm. Thank you so much darling :*****

The rules are:

1) Post the logo within your blog or post
2) Pass the award onto 12 fellow bloggers
3) Link the nominees within your post
4) Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from

The 12 bloggers I'm gonna pass this award to, are:
  1. Sori
  2. Malina
  3. Cristina
  4. Arina
  5. Betty 
  6. Mi Fashion
  7. Andra
  8. Andy
  9. Faboulista
  10. Motel Style
  11. Homes-suite-homes
  12. Eyeliah

PS: Coming soon with vacation pictures and story! Stay tuned!

3 comentarii:

Sorinelu' spunea...

Multumesc mult matza! Pupiiii

AcidTraveller spunea...

multam de floare premiu! o sa ma tin de el si dau cate o petala mai departe. :)

Eyeliah spunea...

:-) Thanks so much!