marți, 13 aprilie 2010

From Vacation - The Holy Land

A few days ago, my husband and I came from a one-week vacation in Israel, where we paid my aunt and grandma a visit after a few good years. It was absolutely wonderful! The Holy Land is a mosaic of cultures, colors, customs and religions. Although this was not my first time there, as I have been in Israel several times already in my early ages, this time everything was different. People were more interesting, places have changed, food and everything I experienced seemed otherwise. Not in a good nor a bad way... just different.
And of course I returned with bags fuller than I left. With a lot of things. With goodies, loads of memories and about two thousand pictures. 

I will share some pictures with you just to have a glance of what I've experienced.

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I_Wanna_Be spunea...

wooo this trip seems incredible !!!
the pictures are very nice !

my blog is

see u :)

Eyeliah spunea...

gorgeous photos, looked like you had a great time.