vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Thigh high boots / over the knee boots trend 2010

2010 will be an exciting year for fashion; experts predict that we'll emerge from the global financial crisis and, as a result, we can expect to see a new standard of fashion rise up. Classically inspired but with a serious infusion of the sex and skin, this is what we'll be wearing in 2010.

While many of us will be wearing classical silhouettes and subdued colours we'll all be in need of making them pop; after all, doesn't every fashioniser want to stand out from the crowd?

For women that 'stand out' look is just about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the hottest trend for shoes in 2010: thigh high boots.

Yes, over-the-knee boots are back with a vengeance but this 2009/2010 shoe trend won't stop there. In fact, the top of your boots will be going much higher: thigh-high boots are going mainstream.
Classic: for a classic or elegant take on the over-the-knee boot, your best bet is to go for a slim-fitting suede pair with a round or tapered toe. Look no further than Hermes or Isabel Marant for some perfect examples of styles that will stand the test of time. 

Rock: the right pair of tight black leather over-the-knee boots screams rock-chic; tough, but sexy.

Futurism/Cyberpunk: building upon the cyberpunk influences of recent years, some designers have thrown an element of dark futurism into the thigh-high boot mix. 



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Kirk spunea...

From a guy's perspective, thigh high boots are fantastic because they are the perfect blend of sassy and classy. Thanks for the post!

Beau Bazar spunea...

Hey! Thanks for the comment! Very interesting to find out a guy's point of view! ;)