miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Kicking off cold

The sun is shinning but there is still a major chill in the air... so don't forget the season! 

It's still winter and still cold, and my mood to do extraordinary things is like the temperature, below zero. Apart from this, I woke up not really wanting to do anything too important last weekend. I thought to myself that something sweet and hot would realy upgrade my mood to better.


A 2 minutes call later I decided to put something chic on and meet my friend in this very nice sweet shop. High heels boots - check, wrapped-up new blouse - check, sparkling bow-ring - check!

We treated ourself with pancakes with nutella and nuts, fruits and icecream. Absolutely delicious!  And of course, our favorite cafe au lait! Finger licking!




2 comentarii:

Diana spunea...

ce draguuut e inelul, de unde il ai?? seamana tare mult cu cel al Florinei, si ea are funda pe deget. e deja trademark :D ;) super cute! :D

Beau Bazar spunea...

10x! Eu il am de la Mango. L-am vazut la Madrid prima data si mi l-am dorit dar imi era mare. Acum l-am gasit si la noi in sfarsit!