marți, 9 februarie 2010

Bits about me

I have found this on a web-site, but, unfortunately I have lost the link, and the rest of the article. It was about things that we should do in order to feel better with our life, interacting with people and everything that surrounds us. 

'YOUR self-esteem, the way you dress, the way you look and act all affect how the environment reacts to you. 'If you're constantly stressed, people will form a negative opinion.

'Social approval lifts your confidence and prompts you to look after yourself. So, the feedback you get from others is important.'

 • SOCIAL LIFE: Spend time with people who make you feel good.

 • TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: Avoid them - they will drag you down.

 • LITTLE THINGS MATTER: Even something as simple as putting a vase of flowers on your desk can make you feel good.

After reading these lines I've realized that I follow them unaware, and without making a big deal about it.

First of all, I never involve my friends into my job problems, more than it should concern them; whenever I am stressed out about a problem I think it over and over again and try to find solutions and not complain about it.
Secondly, I am confident and I feel good about myself. I don't do much for my looks. I like to keep it simple but interesting. I go swimming twice a week, I go to beauty salons only when I need to cut my hair or to pay my friend Denise a visit, I eat as healthy as I can and I laugh loudly and proudly. As for the way I dress, it reflects my personality. Sometimes I'm childish, sometimes, chic, some other times I am  bohemian, romantic or elegant.



Then, I have friends that really matter to me, that I love unconditionally and want to have them for-like-ever!






And there's the 'little things'. I get so excited about the things that worth a dime but make the most memorable moments. Like a sunny day, a vase of flowers, pink peonies, a hot caffe-au-lait made with love, a smile, a summer rain, a holding hand, an apple pie with vanilla and cream, or a Vuitton bag. :)) Just kidding about the last one!







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