sâmbătă, 19 septembrie 2009

Happy Wedded Life

It happened! We are now Mr and Mrs...
It's been unexpectedly perfect!
"Wonderful!", "Great!", "The best wedding ever!" ... are not words I'm just saying to praise myself! These are wonderful words people kept saying throughout the wedding and after. We couldn't be happier to hear all that.

To keep the story short: It all begun the night before the morning after, when my girls made the most perfect surprise and came with a limo and took me for a ride. It was a totally surprise for me and we had the most wonderful time until two o'clock in the morning. Champagne, limo, crazy girls, music and lots of fun were the highlights that night.

The morning after begun at 10 o'clock with the most painful waking-up but with the greatest day of my life ahead. First step: the hair-do. Almost an hour later and around 50 pins and clips in my hair I was ready to do the make-up and get dressed for the photo session with the bride-mades.

At 4 o'clock we arrived (just in time) for the ceremony. It was as short as we hoped it would be and we could go for one more photo session in the park.

The party started at 19:00 and was more wonderful than we ever dared even to hope. Almost 11 hours later we were exhausted and more than happy that everything went perfect, no incidents and lots of wonderful surprises. (Like this groom strip dance as a reward to the guys that brought back the bride).

We are still waiting for all the photos (and we are especially looking forward to see the ones taken by the photographer). I promise I will write a post about all the key moments of our wedding.

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Doi frumosi!
Bravo, casa de piatra!

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what a stunning bride! gorgeous dress