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4. The Hairdo and The Make-up

The hair-do

For most brides-to-be, picking the right hairstyle for their wedding day is a huge decision – and often a very tough one to make.

When it comes to hairstyles, there tend to be two kinds of brides: those who want something dramatic and special to suit the occasion, and those who, if you’ll pardon the expression, don’t want to change a hair.

Of course, it is possible to achieve both looks at once: elegant, yet natural. It is also perfectly acceptable to pull out all the stops and go for the most dramatic hairstyle ever, including jewels and hair extensions. It’s all a matter of choice. And even if you do choose your everyday style, there are many touches you can add to look a bit more romantic, but still very much like you.

We've all had them -- hair catastrophes. A bad cut. A disastrous color. And our reactions are always the same. We cry. We panic. But on this very special day, there's no room for panic. There are some beauty tips in order to avoid a total fiasco.


  • Decide on a hairstyle before you choose your veil or headpiece.
  • Play with a few styles before finalizing your look.
  • Think about whether your hairstyle will hold up at an outdoor wedding.
  • Match your hairstyle to your gown in degree of formality.
  • Consider extensions and hairpieces to add volume for special hairstyles.
  • Wear a buttoned-down shirt to your wedding day hair session.
  • Add a bit of glitter to your hair -- just be sure to try it out in advance.
  • Invest in a good haircut. You'll need less styling if you have a good foundation.
  • Decide if you will remove your veil after the ceremony. You'll need to adjust your hairstyle accordingly.


  • Make hairstyle changes within three months of the wedding.
  • Dye your hair at home.
  • Change your hair color within two months of the wedding.
  • Let anyone talk you into the latest style unless you really love it.
  • Go overboard on tendrils. If the curls droop, you'll be left with messy hair.
  • Use unfamiliar hair products on the big day -- you could be allergic to them.
  • Wash your hair right before styling it -- it may be too slippery to handle.
  • Have your hair styled too early before the ceremony -- it's a long day.
  • Use accessories that are too heavy for an updo.

The Make-up

You want to look and feel truly beautiful on your wedding day. You want an effortless relaxed morning in the comfort of your own home, or hotel room. You want your makeup to enhance your beauty, to look clean and finished.

Here are some wedding makeup ideas and tips to help prevent a frantic morning and to make sure you look and feel your absolute best.
  1. Go through magazines to help you decide how you want your wedding makeup to look before you meet with a makeup artist or purchase any cosmetics. You might want to do this with your groom if you have heard him say things like "you don't need any makeup," "you're beautiful just the way you are," or "just wear what you usually wear." You should let him know that wedding makeup is applied a little differently for photography and that it needs to last all day. If possible, include him when looking through the magazines for wedding makeup styles.

  2. If you prefer to do your own wedding makeup, do have a makeup lesson by a wedding makeup artist three to nine months prior to the wedding date. This gives you time to practice and still book an artist if you decide that your skills are not up for the big day.

  3. For waterproof eyes, wear waterproof mascara, eye shadow base and eyeliner sealant. For kiss-proof lips, use a sealant over your lipstick. Use plenty of powder to avoid a shiny face.

  4. Decide whether you will be having color and/or black and white photography. If you are going to have black and white stay away from blue-reds, and you may also need a little extra contouring. A professional wedding make up artist will know this.

  5. Drink plenty of water the week before your wedding, and get as much rest as possible. Use good skin care during the months preceding your wedding. The makeup will sit much better if your skin is as flawless as possible and well hydrated.

  6. Make sure that your makeup foundation is the correct color. If you have been tanning or have lost a tan since you purchased your foundation you will need to have it adjusted.

  7. Do arrange to have a relaxed morning. If possible, have the wedding makeup artist and hairstylist come to you. Sit back, relax, knowing you will look and feel your best, and have a beautiful day.

You will surely look beautiful on your wedding day!

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