luni, 8 august 2011

Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor - Vogue September Issue

Dying for the September issues of this year? Well here is just another reason to continue counting down the minutes. The upcoming September issue of Vogue Magazine will not only showcase hundreds of pages of fabulous and fierce fashion, but this year the mag is said to be featuring a 72-page dedication to the late Elizabeth Taylor; a Hollywood icon that will forever have an influence on the world of fashion.

A style icon, a muse and a Hollywood legend, Taylor was admired worldwide. With a penchant for elegance and an indulgence for diamonds, the 8-times married starlet was used to being the centre of attention. Taking pride of place as the main inspiration for V’s ‘heroes’ themed issue, we’re expecting drama, glamour and a whole lot of luxury.

The issue's theme for September is "Heroes" and it is no suprise that Liz Taylor is one of the heroines of choice. She captivated thousands of audiences with her beauty and played muse to artists of all types.  Yet the big question is, who is the team behind such momentous dedication? Look no futher than world renowned photographer Mario Testino and the highly influential Carine Roitfeld; a match made in editorial heaven! There couldnt be a more more dynamic duo for such a project and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of issue.


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