luni, 1 august 2011

Penelope Cruz - V magazine

Penélope Cruz covers 'V' Magazine, the fall 2011 'Transformation Issue' and talks motherhood, career, choosing her roles, and her 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' co-star, Johnny Depp. 

Despite her celebrity, Cruz doesn't see herself as an icon. "I feel like an actress who is very fortunate to get work with continuity, to get opportunities to make a living from the job that I love so much. Everything else is an extra that I couldn’t have dreamed about. When I was growing up it was just about, 'Please, God, I don’t want to be locked in an office doing a job that is not creative in any way, that would make me feel like a prisoner,'" she says.

Penélope Cruz Covers V Magazine

Fascinated by human behavior, Cruz says that, "Something happens that is really addictive about the investigation. It’s a beautiful thing. You can go into a different state when you are portraying somebody. I cannot say that that has happened to me in every movie, but it has happened a few times when you feel a lot of freedom and there is no self-criticism. A part of you becomes almost obsessed with that other being. That is the feeling that I look for." 

Penélope Cruz Covers V Magazine

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