marți, 9 august 2011

My Dream House

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Mel spunea...

You dream house looks really modern. :) Mine would probably be a totally ridiculous mix of the modern and the traditional, that would make your average interior designer cry. But I can't say that I want to impress anyone else with my dream house, so it wouldn't matter.

I'd love to have my house on its own little bit of land, the way that a lot of the American and Canadian houses do. That's highly unlikely to happen, as the house valuation on any property even approaching that would be astronomical. Won't stop me dreaming though.

Some aspects of my dream house, I know I'll get. No matter what happens, I'm having a fireplace, a dandelion in a pot, a power shower and a massive brick barbecue. In the grand scheme of things, those are all fairly minor but they're important to me for one reason or another.