duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

The Messy Bun ♥

As soon as I walk in the door of my apartment, my hair is up two seconds later. For some reason I can handle my hair down when I am out, but as soon as i get home, I can't stand it on my shoulders! On different occasions I love the messy bun worn outdoors, too.

I am a huge fan of the messy bun ♥

(Lovely Pepa)

(my signature in fashion)

Sexy, messy buns are extremely hot right now, and so easy to pull off. They can be soft and romantic, as well as fun and flirty. So rather than going for a slicked back ballerina bun, go for a more casual look by wearing your hair in a messy updo! Here are some of my favorite messy updos for you to enjoy:

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Just me spunea...

messy is my favorite word when we speak about hair :D it's very natural and also very hot :*****