vineri, 5 noiembrie 2010

H&M Fall Lookbook

I just love the autumn lookbook from H&M. So bohemian chic, feminine and lovely! This is how I want to dress up every day! Actually, I am, today! :) 

I have to run now because my friend Cristina is waiting for me at Mac's. Then I have to meet my other friend Cristina for a coffee and then.... oh my God!!!!... the girl from the salon is another Cristina. Dear God! I just realized it writing this.... :)))) How crazy is that?!

Not to mention that tonight we are going to see a movie at CinemaCity with Florin and Ina.
:)))))) What is happening today?! Should I buy a ticket at the lottery?! :))) Wish me luck as ...
I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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