miercuri, 1 iulie 2009

Powder Blue

One evening I was eager to see a good movie. By the end of the movie I felt no regret for choosing that one. "Powder Blue" wasn't one of those big cinema releases, yet it was a movie with a gripping powerful story of the intersecting of complex paths in the city of L.A..

Los Angeles, a city of over 10 million inhabitants, is fabled the world over for a flashy landscape punctuated by the promise of fame and glamour. But beneath the tabloid headlines and the flashing bulbs lies a city whose people clamor every day to simply find a place for themselves.

In Powder Blue, four people embark on different journeys that lead them through the same place. A place where loneliness abounds and everything wrings the heart, but where truths are revealed and human connections are found.

Jessica Biel who's always beautiful and such a pleasure to view really shines as a young desperate single mom with a dying kid who's only hope is to earn money to support her cocaine habit by doing nude dancing as a stripper. Enter Ray Liotta as an ex con just released yet he has terminal cancer only he will discover thru Biel's character that life finally does have some touching emotional moments. And Forrest Whitaker is a character you feel desperate for as he is a man with no will to live after losing his wife as he will go to any lengths to be killed. And to round out you have a young mortician played by Eddie Redmayne who's lonely only in the end destiny will have it he will find love with the Biel character.

This film is pretty powerful for it's message it sends that no matter how desperate life is for some unexpected hope can be found and everyone has a destiny. Plus no matter how different and complex people are they are all the same as their paths were meant to cross to help one another as in the end that leads to a heavenly and peaceful ending.

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