duminică, 26 iulie 2009

It's the season...

Summer is the season for barbecues. Cool summer nights are perfect for spending time with friends and family around the fire and the tasty barbecue dishes. I love sunsets. And I love gathering before sunset, and sit outside and admire the wonderful colors the sun and the sky embrace. I also love the colors the sun and the fire make on people faces and the translucent flowers after the short summer rains.

There are endless ideas for barbecue parties, and for barbecue recipes that are sure to keep you and your taste-buds screaming for more.

Cooking outdoors with a barbecue can be very innovative, from making your own, using a simple DIY barbecue grill, to much more elaborate systems, all using a variety of fuels such as wood, charcoal, electric, natural gas or propane.

You can liven up your barbecue party with party games and great music, whilst fabulous garden decor and stylish touches can add to the overall ambiance.

There’s something about barbecued food that appeals to both adults and children alike. No matter what the weather, rain or shine (fingers crossed it’s a sunny day!) you can make your barbecue party a fun family and friends filled day.

So with regards to the aesthetics, there is so much you can do to make the day extra special:

1. Outdoor lighting: Adds a completely new dimension to any garden party, especially if you are planning to party the night away into the early hours of the next day!

2. Providing some form of shelter from the sunshine is always a good idea. Also with a view to this, you may want to provide a few bottle of high factor sun scream also!

3. On to the topic of Garden Furniture: It can be tricky to find enough matching furniture and bringing your sofas out into the garden is not easy or practical!

4. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pop down to your local pound shop, charity shops or even ask your next-door neighborough for some mix-n-match style garden furniture.

5. Remember it looks more rustic and keeping in theme with the BBQ concept if you have mismatching furniture, plates and cutlery.

6. Finish off the rustic look by laying out some lovely statement table cloths, beautiful flower arrangements and quirky napkins and cutlery.

7. Make sure you have enough food and drink to last the day

8. Providing some rugs for the grass and shawls to keep guests warm later in the evening, is always considerate.

9. The last of our handy tips, is to have some kind of ‘rain plan’. I.e. a quick escape route for your guests if the heavens open!

With these little tips you can’t go wrong. After all, BBQ’s are meant to be quick and easy and full of fun, therefore try not to sweat about the minor details and enjoy the day!!

credit for the bbq tips: http://www.homes-suite-homes.com

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