marți, 7 februarie 2012

Revelation: Lana del Rey

Lana Del Rey is the latest internet musical sensation – the fatal combination of looks and talent.
  • Lana Del Rey is her stage name (a poetic combination of the first name of old Hollywood actress Lana Turner and a Ford model from 1981), she's 25 years old, her actual name is Elisabeth Grant and she’s the daughter of millionaire Robert Grant
  •  She first launched her career in 2010 under a different name (Lizzie Grant) and with different lips and style which brought a lot of accusations about her being totally manufactured.
There's something fascinating about Lana Del Rey – she’s such a beauty, perfect on the outside, obsessed with the Hollywood aesthetic, yet somehow broken, fragile and decadent personality wise, an introvert who’s constantly trying to make sense of the world. 
What really gets me it’s the contrast between her nostalgic retro look and the dark mood and feel of her songs. So emotionally charged and sad!


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