sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011

Steet Style Inspiration

When it comes to 2011's fashion trends, these are two statement pieces for the new year: motorcycle jacket with flared jeans!

All black outfits can be flattering, but can also be a little unadventurous. Just pull it off,  with a metallic stripe, silver belt bucklet, and peep-toed wedge boots adding some detail to an otherwise all-black ensemble.

 Pairing lace with fur gives off such a vintage vibe that, regardless of how modern the cuts, it's like reuniting two old friends. In this case the toned-down hair and makeup does utter justice to the look, keeping it clean and fresh.

Paris street style: flared pants and a long coat with leopard print collar&cuffs, green eye makeup and coral nail polish to finish off this ensemble.

Where to take Louboutin's military-inspired over the knee boots now that military is fading? Chanel Iman updates them into a feminised biker look by way of a printed silk dress and leather jacket.

 Donning over the knee socks can feel a bit school-girl if you're not careful. The classic cream trench elegantly tops off the outfit.

New York street style:  the shearling aviator style vest matched with a ripped tee and sunglasses would be perfect for a breezy jet setter or a day out hitting the town shopping. There's one way to add quality to a relaxed outfit and that's by casually throwing a Prada handbag over your arm.

 Because shoulders are sexy !

 A totally natural and effortless take on the boyfriend blazer.

A-line suede skirt that calls to mind the 70's worn with flats, black tights and a leather jacket - but it could just as easily work with platform sandals in Spring, or a sophisticated pair of over the knee boots.

And some details...

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