joi, 4 iunie 2009

5 seconds millionaire

Lady Moura is the second most expensive mega yacht in the world - $210 million.

At 354-feet long, the Lady Moura was built in 1991 by “order” of Saudi Arabia Prince Nasser al-Rashid. So large it has trouble entering the harbor of Monte Carlo, the mega-yacht has a crew of 60, a pool with a retractable roof and its very own mock beachfront complete with sand.

Last summer I got my 5 seconds of fame! Monaco offers visitors plenty of surprises. There are so many rich people, expensive cars or luxury boats that whenever you take a picture you might get one of them beside you, in the background or in the nearest area.

Today, I found out that one of the boats that I have chosen last summer to take a picture with is the second most expensive mega yacht in the world. Nice! I walked on 210 milion dollars jewel and I wasn't even aware of that. Shame on me!

Who knows what other P Diddy yacht or russian millionaire's car I did photographed. Any celebrity recalling this Aston Martin?

Or any of these boats??

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